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Kneal Knee Cruiser ST
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Knee Caddy Features:

  • Don't stop living your life during rehabilitation.....get to work, outside, around the house. Stay active!
  • Speed recovery over crutches by promoting compliance.
  • A great alternative to crutches or a wheelchair.
  • Safer and easier to use
  • Colors available:


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Specifications: Performance:
(swivel rear wheels, dual front disc brakes)  
Overall Length - 30"
Overall Height handlebar extended - 36"
Overall Height handlebar folded - 21"
Handlebar adjusted Height Range - 36" - 41"
Knee Support Adjusted Height Range - 17" - 22"
Weight - 21lbs.
Stability front axle width - 23"
Stopping - Dual Front Disc
Steering front - Pitman Tie Rod
Rotational Rear - Lever Actuated 360° Lockable
Wheels - Durable Nylon, Sealed Bearings
Tires - Solid Polyurethane Non Marking

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