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Pathfinder - Turning Leg Caddy®:

Pathfinder - Turning Leg Caddy®
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RAMMTLC introduces the PATHFINDER, the Turning Leg Caddy® with a heart! Kids First Enterprise in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam is a non-profit organization committed to creating educational and vocational opportunities for disadvantaged people, most with disabilities. Our intent is that they may enjoy equal opportunities, full community inclusion, self-reliance, and economic independence.

RAMMTLC has joined with Kid's First Enterprise in making this vision of economic sustainability a reality by manufacturing the PATHFINDER in its newly developed plant in Quang Tri Province.RAMMTLC has provided funding to establish a first-rate manufacturing facility with onsite engineering support and comprehensive quality control protocols. Because the plant is quite literally the economic engine for their future, the employees are incredibly proud of the quality products being made.


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